Guided Natural History Tour & Kayaking

Guided Natural History & Sea Kayaking Combo Tour

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Explore the coast by sea and by land! In the morning, you will arrive by boat at the Peterson Bay Field Station and be guided by our expert naturalists through the ever-changing and enchanting coastal forest and the incredible marine richness exposed by Kachemak Bay's extreme tidal change.  Whether your morning experience is more forest- or beach-based depends on your group’s interest and the time of low tide (consult http://www.protides.com/alaska/1190/ to help plan your trip).   Then, spend an amazing afternoon with the experienced guides at St. Augustine’s Kayak & Tours.   The weather- and experience-dependent kayak route varies every day, but will always delight.  Groups wind their way through Peterson Bay where you can alternately explore quiet lagoons, approach bold sea cliffs, and emerge in to more open water. There are archways to paddle through and beaches to rest on as well as short stretch hikes to scenic vistas.

Please bring:

· Bring a sack lunch (drinking water and complimentary hot beverages available)

·  Waterproof boots or shoes (we do have some boots available to borrow)

·  Warm, layered clothing including rain coat and rain pants if you have them

·  Water bottle

·  Sun protection (sunglasses/hat, sun screen)

·  Camera, video camera, binoculars if you have them

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