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Guided Tours

Inspiration Ridge Preserve

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Call 907-235-6667 for more information about guided nature tours and programs, 
Or Click on the Red "Book Now" button to reserve a space on our popular natural history tours!
Inspiration Ridge Preserve is a stunning mosaic of forest, bogs, meadows, ponds, and creeks. Stewarded with love for decades by Nina Faust and Ed Bailey and now managed by the Center for Alaskan Coastal Studies, IRP encompasses 693 acres of important wildlife habitat. Our trained naturalist will lead you on a guided hike through the well-maintained trails, where you can learn about the history of IRP, the amazing animals that utilize this habitat and wildlife corridor, and the unique natural history of the area.
This year, the Center for Alaskan Coastal Studies is excited to offer two seperate options to explore this amazing habitat:
1.5 -hour hikes where the naturalist will guided you around ~2 miles of rolling trails and show you beauitful views of Kachemak Bay and the Kenai Mountains, beautiful flowers, and hopefully an animal or two!
3-hour hikes where the naturalist will guide you around ~4 miles of semi-steep trails, where you can take your time to take pictures of beautiful landscapes, explore the hidden trails of Inspiration Ridge Preserve, and again, see some wildlife!

Directions to Inspiration Ridge Preserve are provided upon confirmation of a booked tour.

The Making of Inspiration Ridge Preserve-Youtube Video

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Creatures of the Dock Tours





Take a tour of the amazing intertidal life right under your feet at Homer Harbor docks. Based out of the CACS Yurt on the Spit, a trained naturalist will guide you through an incredible exploration of invertebrate life living on and around the Homer Harbor Docks. Creatures of the Dock tour leave from the yurt on Homer Spit at the entrance to Ramp 2, Homer Harbor, 1 and 3 pm. June - August. Schools and other organized groups of all ages can arrange a tour from April - October, with a time suited to your needs. 

Creatures of the Dock tour is the most fun you can have on the Homer Spit for $10! Fun for the whole family.

Program Length: 1 hour

Program Dates: June- August, tour at 1pm & 3pm                                        

Groups April-October, tour times to suit your needs.

Program Price: $10 per participant, $25 for family of 4-6

How to Book: Please pre register for your Creatures of the Dock Tour - space is limited to 8 people per tour in 2020. On the day of your tour, please arrive at the CACS Yurt on the Spit 15 minutes prior to tour time. You can also call 235-6667 to book the tour or to arrange for tours for schools and other organized groups.

This Creatures of the Dock Activity Guide will enhance your visit with us and is available when participating in a Creatures of the Dock tour.

Guided Natural History Tour & Kayaking

Guided Natural History & Sea Kayaking Combo Tour

Image of person in kayak

Explore the coast by sea and by land! In the morning, you will arrive by boat at the Peterson Bay Field Station and be guided by our expert naturalists through the ever-changing and enchanting coastal forest and the incredible marine richness exposed by Kachemak Bay's extreme tidal change.  Whether your morning experience is more forest- or beach-based depends on your group’s interest and the time of low tide (consult http://www.protides.com/alaska/1190/ to help plan your trip).   Then, spend an amazing afternoon with the experienced guides at St. Augustine’s Kayak & Tours.   The weather- and experience-dependent kayak route varies every day, but will always delight.  Groups wind their way through Peterson Bay where you can alternately explore quiet lagoons, approach bold sea cliffs, and emerge in to more open water. There are archways to paddle through and beaches to rest on as well as short stretch hikes to scenic vistas.

Please bring:

· Bring a sack lunch (drinking water and complimentary hot beverages available)

·  Waterproof boots or shoes (we do have some boots available to borrow)

·  Warm, layered clothing including rain coat and rain pants if you have them

·  Water bottle

·  Sun protection (sunglasses/hat, sun screen)

·  Camera, video camera, binoculars if you have them

Contact Us for reservations.

Guided Natural History Tour

Guided Natural History Tour

Low Tide Tour and Coastal Forest Hike

Image of man looking at sea starScheduled Daily Summer Tour. Take a boat ride across Kachemak Bay with opportunities to view marine birds and a seabird colony. Once onshore, you will be guided by our expert naturalists on a maintained forest trail system to experience the incredible richness exposed by Kachemak Bay's extreme tidal changes first hand and a coastal forest ecosystem on the edge of the wilderness. You will view the evidence of the awesome geological forces that shaped the Bay, visit a bog, learn the names and lore of coastal plants, see what prehistoric people have left behind, and have hands-on experiences with the many types of animals from the zone between Kachemak Bay's tides. Kachemak Bay's broad tidal range, among the largest in the world, and the rocky beaches in Peterson and China Poot Bay provide the opportunity for viewing and photographing an astonishing variety of colorful and fascinating marine animals. You will have time to relax at the Peterson Bay Field Station and have more close-up views of intertidal inhabitants at the Station's aquaria and live tanks.

Minus (“below zero”) tides provide the best opportunities for guided viewing of marine organisms in their natural habitat (Consult the http://www.protides.com/alaska/1190/ to help plan your trip.)

Every tour, however, will provide you "hands-on" experience with the diverse marine life in our live tanks and aquaria as well as educational experiences in the natural environments on the south side of Kachemak Bay.

Please bring:

 · A sack lunch (drinking water and complimentary hot beverages available)

·  Waterproof boots or shoes (we do have some boots available to borrow)

·  Warm, layered clothing including rain coat and rain pants if you have them

·  Camera, video camera, binoculars if you have them

Contact Us for reservations.

Guided Tours

We invite you to journeys of discovery in Kachemak Bay, one of the most productive and diverse coastal areas in Alaska. We offer a variety of personalized experiences. With approximately 9 guests per naturalist, each individual is led to the wonders along our beach and trails. Within practical limits, the day may be customized to the interests of  the individuals hiking . Our experienced and knowledgeable staff will open up a new world or reacquaint you, and deepen your knowledge and appreciation of the very special place of Kachemak Bay, Alaska.

Book Now
$175 adult / $95 children under 12 / $155 Seniors (65+) (includes round-trip boat transportation)
9am - 4 pm daily
Memorial Day - Labor Day
Contact us at 907-235-6746 or email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and book your tour.
Overnight Yurt Stays at Peterson Bay Field Station
available the night before or after your Guided Day Tour  
$50/person; $200/yurt (includes ues of kitchen with all the amenities, Fire Pit & BBQ)
(A yurt sleeps 6 - 8 people)  #glamping at it's best!

Emily tour

$10 /$25 family (Groups 3-6)
Guided Tours at 10 am & 2 pm daily
June 6 - Labor Day
Advance reservations are required in the summer of 2020 and space is limited to 10. Groups of 10 or more please call to arrange a special time for a tour.
CACS Donors/Members: Free
Sundays - Everyone Free
Tree and Sea Package: 2 great tours for one price! Dock Tour & Wynn Nature Center- $15
 IRP landscape 2
1.5 hour tours-Wednesday at 6:00pm, Thursdays at 2:00pm, and Saturdays at 12:00pm
                        (Adults=$10, Children=$5, Families (Groups 3-6)=$25)
3 hour Hidden Trails tour- Wednesdays at 1:00pm, Saturdays at 3:00pm
                         (Adults=$25, Children=$10, Families (Groups 3-6)=$35)
June 6 - End of September
Advance reservations are required in the summer of 2020 and space is limited to 10. 
$10ea/$25 family (Groups 3-6)
1 hour tour at 1:00pm & 3:00 pm
June - August
Tree and Sea Package: 2 great tours for one price! Dock Tour & Wynn Nature Center- $15

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