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2018 Events

Check out these fun events for 2018!


January Youth Programs:


Eco Kids, beginning on January 1st, this program meets Monday, Wednesday, and Friday with elementary school kids to teach them about the great outdoors! This program goes from after school until 5:30 pm and we can pick up students from West Homer Elementary, Little Fireweed, and Paul Banks Elementary. Every day we do something new and outdoorsy! Contact us at (907) 235-6746 for more information!
Boomerang Bag Sewing Bee, this is a program that works on conservation in our small town. Plastic bags are extremely harmful to the environment especially if they get into the ocean, so this offers a way to make reusable bags! If you're interested this program happens every 3rd Sunday of the month with the soonest one coming up on January 21st!
"Tuesday Night Lights", bringing you a little light during these dark Alaskan nights, every Tuesday starting December 12 offers a different experience from a Boomerang Bag Sewing Bee to Conrad Field's "Seals: Alaska to the Antarctic". This begins at 6:30 pm and goes through March of 2018. January 23rd is hosted by Dr. John Morton and is about stopping the invasion of Elodea on our Kenai Peninsula.
Wynn-ter Family Fun Days on Sundays beginning January 17th FREE! - Download a wynnbonfire_2016.pdf flyer. 
Find out more about the Wynn Nature Center here.

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