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Intertidal Animals & Ecology

Intertidal Animals & EcologySoldotna Montesorri 2018 tidepooling

Intertidal Adaptations Virtual Field Trip: Click herefor 3 CACS-made videos about adaptations in the intertidal zone, and see a demonstration of an awesome, hands-on activity to do at home/school!

Intertidal Interactions Virtual Field Trip: Click here for 4 CACS-made videos about intertidal interactions and symbiotic relationships in the tidepools

Intertidal Zonation Virtual Field Trip: Click here for 5 CACS-made videos about the zones on the beach between high tide and low tide, and discover the interesting animals that live in each zone!

Creatures of the Dock Virtual Field Trip: Click here for 4 CACS-made videos that give a sneak peek at some of the interesting animals that live on and under the Homer Harbor docks

Resources for Tidepooling (click the title of each resource to open a PDF document or video)

Bishop's Beach Intertidal ID Guide

Beach Stewardship Guidelines

Beach Stewardship Guidelines (video)

Easy Activity Sheets like scavenger hunts, bingo sheets, etc. (click the title of each activity to open a PDF document)

Beach Scavenger Hunt - Winter

Intertidal Scavenger Hunt - Pre-school/Early Elementary

Intertidal Scavenger Hunt - Upper Elementary/Middle School

Lesson Plans & More Detailed Activities (click the title of each activity to open a PDF document or video)

Intertidal Discovery Hike - Elementary/Middle School

Invent an Invertebrate & Invent an Invertebrate Procedures & Video - Elementary/Middle School/High School

Scientific Sketching - Elementary/Middle School/High School






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