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Marine Debris Update - Montague Island 5/25

Chris Pallister, President of Gulf of Alaska Keeper, took a trip to Montague Island on Wednesday May 23rd with reporters from CBS.

Pictures posted below show a full net setup and also the lower wrack line full of styrofoam. The net is probably from an overturned boat, but we absolutely can't say if it is or is not from the tsunami. The Styrofoam is very fresh and was washing up in the water while they were on the beach. Much of the Styrofoam is obviously insulation from structures because you can see the indents of the structure it was attached to. These pictures are from the outside of Montague Island, and do not necessarily represent tsunami debris. The island is currently socked in with weather, and it will likely limit some of the acces to outer beaches.

They will still try and get as much marine debris as possible. Because of the nature of the debris, plastic and foam, it will take up a large volume, but not weigh too much. Initial estimates were higher, but we will likely get somewhere in the 10-15 ton range. However, that will probably be 80-120 cubic yards of debris and that is pretty impressive for the relatively small crew and boats they are working with. The clean-up crew is stuck in the Whittier harbor today, but will leave tomorrow.

more styrofoam big chunks of styrofoam rope and line insulation and styrofoam big chunks of styrofoam walking the beach

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