2018 - 2019 Business Partners and Grantors

Private Foundations

Corporate Donors

  • Alaska Credit Union USA
  • Coca-Cola Co. - Employee Matching Donation
  • Enstar
  • ExxonMobil: Internship Program & Kachemak Bay Science Conference

Government & Non-Government Agencies 

  • Homer Foundation: City of Homer Grant
  • National Science Foundation: Arctic Investigations and Science Learning subaward 
  • NOAA Community-based Marine Debris Clean-up and Prevention Grant Program
  • Prince William Sound Regional Citizen Advisory Council: Youth Engagement Funding
  • Alaska Ocean Observing System: Kachemak Bay Science Conference
  • Cook Inlet Regional Citizens Advisory Council: Kachemak Bay Science Conference
  • North Pacific Research Board: Kachemak Bay Science Conference & 

Local Business Partners


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